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About Us

Our Story

CoFactor Recruitment is proud to launch its business in 2020! With so much happening in biotech and pharmaceuticals, we are honored to be part of the recruitment process for small to mid-size companies in these industries. We intend to be a valued partner that provides effective and efficient recruiting solutions with our specialized knowledge and skill sets. By utilizing innovative techniques and tailored strategies for each client we service, we aim to create a seamless experience between employers and job seekers. At CoFactor Recruitment, we believe everyone has the potential within them – whether it’s a biotech innovator or a pharmaceutical expert – to take their career to the next level.

Recruitment for Startups

We understand how crucial hiring the right person can be when growing a company. That’s why we focus on the whole picture when building out a recruitment strategy that is tailored to your company’s needs. CoFactor Recruitment understands what a startup needs because we are one ourselves. 

Jeff Fisher

President and Co-Founder

Stephanie Brown

COO – Co-Founder