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CoFactor Recruitment derives its name from the biological cofactor. In biology, a cofactor refers to a non-protein chemical compound or metallic ion essential for an enzyme’s catalytic function. Cofactors can be likened to “helper molecules” that play a crucial role in facilitating biochemical transformations.

Much like the biological cofactor, we see ourselves as helper molecules within your organization to help your talent acquisition function run as smoothly as possible.

Service Offerings

We know that every companies needs are different and as unique as the employees that make them up. Because of that we offer a variety of services depending on your companies specific needs.

We source, screen, and deliver you candidates that are well qualified for your open positions. Our search methodology and extensive network gives us access to candidates not actively on the market ensuring we are presenting the best candidates available.

We are able to source, screen, and deliver candidates to your company to quickly fill mission critical roles with skilled professionals. We offer free conversion from our employment to yours after 4 months.

For a fixed fee, this recruitment service allows a recruiter to plug into your company to carry out your entire hiring function. It’s efficient on costs, time and delivers high quality talent on demand.

We can supplement your own internal team by bringing our deep expertise in biotech outbound sourcing by building target lists, market mapping, and sourcing. We enable your team to be more agile, move quicker, and become more efficient by cutting down on the time it takes to find great candidates to reach out to.